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Hotel real estate in Prague, Czech republic

We will sell or rent your hotel for you 

We specialize in the hotel market in Prague

We have contacts of investors in the hotel industry

After the transaction we will help you achieve an optimal start of your new business

Find current offers on our website

How do we do it?

We focus solely on the hotel real estate sale in Prague. We have a working knowledge of the hotel field and lots of contacts in the hotel industry.

  • Correct price estimation for the property

  • Creating attractive and effective presentations

  • Approaching potential clients

  • Supervising the correctness of contracts

  • Sale implementation

  • Possibility of a non-public sale without disrupting hotel operations

  • We can also find you a renter or a hotel management company


Let's talk. No strings attached.

Or leave a message.
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Jan Halíř


Tel.: +420 774 741 611

Výborně! Zpráva byla přijata.

Current Offer

  • We currently offer several properties for rent and sale.

  • Due to the discretion of the offer, we do not even indicate it indicatively.

What they said about us:

Wellness hotel Peras

Ing. Jan Peřinka, owner

„We started working with Hotel Solutions before we started the construction of our hotel. Based on their suggestions we made changes in our project documentation (the layout of wellness, restaurant, rooms etc.). These changes have shown to have a very positive effect which, today, we are able to appreciate. After the opening we carried on working with Hotel Solutions and we still cooperate on a daily basis. They helped us manage all the difficulties at the opening and now thanks to them our profits are still increasing and our guests are leaving greatly satisfied. I can recommend working with Hotel Solutions.“

Hotel Friday Prague

Ing. Jan Čihák, owner

„There is nothing like working with people who really understand their work“.

Penzion Horinka

Ing. Skácelová Monika, owner

„We can recommend Hotel Solutions, they helped us increase our occupancy rate in all seasons. It has been an effective marketing cooperation.“

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